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"This course has been so great. I love the way I can work with the Chi without effort. It has been very inspiring course and as a student I feel I am seen and accepted for where I am, love and appreciation"

Gabriella Addington March 17th 2010 Copenhagen Denmark.

Barcelona Foundation Weekend in CNT

Foundation Weekend CNT students & Andrew in Barcelona Spain October 2008

Testimonials from students on the above class.

This class was my first contact with CNT; I was expecting Andrew to simply teach me some massage techniques but after completing the weekend I could not believe how much experience I had gained already to be able to work with CNT from the following day. Thanks for all the good feelings I felt in the class, the quality of the teaching and simplicity used by Andrew to help us quickly learn the massage”  

“Andrew communicates and transmits the passion he feels for CNT and what he is doing and teaching so that the students can involve themselves more and better in the practice. In the class you learn new interesting things about CNT and Andrew teaches them in such an easy and direct way that you understand them immediately.”   Emma Sarro Muñoz

“Andrew helped me to know myself better and deeper and how to interact and deal with other people, especially those who seek for my help through the CNT treatments. Andrew was really close to us, practical and very patient.” Celso Sans Letosa

I really want to thank you for your professionalism and the ability to establish harmony and integration among the class participants. Thanks to the easy and clear way you teach and the work sequence you explain I could quickly integrate all the concepts into my practice. You helped me to know better my body and feelings and accept them as they are. I could feel peace in parts of my body where I did not even know I had tension and pain. Thanks for all the care I felt toward me. I received in this class much more than I expected.” Rocio Benitez

“Andrew is capable to show how you can bring the Tao practices into the problems of our daily life. I learnt so much, not only about CNT, but also much from what Andrew shared with us from his own wisdom and experience to stay more in touch with life. Great class” Jordi Maseras Flor

“I really thank Andrew for the way he was close to each of us during the class; this helped me to learn the CNT so easily even without being a therapist and having learnt any other massage technique before”. Isabel Mateu





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