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Chi Nei Tsang (CNT ) "The Nourishing Earth Touch" By Andrew Fretwell

When we look at the 5 element model we notice that Earth element can have two locations it can be located in the center or before the metal element. (see diagram below)

Metal relates to lungs and large intestine so for metal to function at its best it needs the support of Earth.

The planet earth provides the support for all of human and natural activity on our planet. If it were not for the stability and support of the earth then nothing could play out here. So there is something very stable and supportive about balanced earth energy.

This gets translated into CNT practice as the ability for the practitioner to offer this kind of unconditional support for whatever arises in the body mind of the person receiving CNT.

This inner earth is also expressed in the CNT practitioners own life as an inner stability to embrace the opposites within oneself and without. The image with Earth in center represents this. In fact the whole practice of CNT is to develop this deep earth centeredness so we can go beyond the horizontal and vertical movements of the other 4 elements.

The Taoists called our original nature "True Earth" refelecting this truth that at our center, our core, human beings have access to true inner stability, the part of us that is perfect complete and unchanging.


5 Elements Earth in Middle or supporting metal


This Earth supporting metal aspect also has some very practical applications when applying CNT. If we can use this supporting touch when massaging the intestines especially the large intestine. Getting underneath the large intestine and offering it support, really helps the Chi in the large intestine and lungs work so much more effectively. Below are two pictures of using this supportive and nourishing earth touch on the ascending colon and on the lower rib cage supporting the expansion of breath.

Earth Touch Nourishing           Earth Touch Lungs Rib Cage

Providing support for the ascending colon     Providing support for the rib cage


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