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Andrew Fretwell Foundewr of the Art & Essence School of Chi Nei Tsang

Andrew Fretwell Founder & Educational Director of the Art & Essence School

Words of gratitude

Who I am at this time in my life is the result of the influence of many teachers and friends so I want to honor you in written word.........

First and foremost I want to say a deep thank you to all of the organizers worldwide who have tirelessly helped me by doing the really hard work, without you I could not fulfil my destiny my deep love of teaching, and practicing the art of Chi Nei Tsang, so for ever I am eternally grateful to all of you

Paolo Cesco & Elena Molina in Barcelona, Wim Ellul and Sonia Degruson in Bordeaux France, Pirjo Sandström in Stockholm Sweden, Cristi Stavrositu, Emile Rosca, Alina Oprescu & Marius Stan in Romania, Ma Deva Tarika & Shizuka in Tokyo Japan, Dr Aminah in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Arlette Vanhauw & Gerard Bourin in Brussels Belgium, Kheng Chua in Singapore, Saida Arnold's in Dusseldorf Germany, Viggo Johansen, Karin O'Sullivan & Rune Anderson in Oslo Norway, Tine Vindelov & Steen Jensen in Copenhagen Denmark.

My primary Taoist teacher Master Mantak Chia who woke me up 25 years ago to the fact that spirituality is also about the body. His example and dedication to spreading the Taoist arts throughout the world continues to inspire awe in me. Master Chia first introduced me to Chi Nei Tsang and the Inner Alchemy practices of Fusion and Kan and Li. These gifts, these crown jewels I am forever eternally grateful for as they are such a part of me now.

Michael Winn who first transmitted  to me. This form of Qi Gong I consider the greatest spiritual gift I ever received, for this I'm eternally grateful. I also appreciate so much Michael's clarity in teaching Inner Alchemy, his clarity about the path of immortality has really assisted me in understanding my own journey.

Shashi Soluna my dear Taoist sister and fellow teacher whose commitment to the "Great Love" beyond the personal continues to inspire awe and humble me. Shashi has woken up in me how important even the smallest inconsequential details are.

Viggo Johansen my Taoist brother, dear friend and partner in The White Tiger Company. Your dedication to presence and purpose and the ability to be hear and now continue to inspire me to live life as fully as you do.

Andrew Fretwell is one of the leading teachers today on the application of Taoist Inner Alchemy to everyday life. A senior instructor of Mantak Chia’s Universal Tao System he has been studying and practicing the principles of Chinese Medicine, Taoism & the Oriental Healing Arts for 25 years, teaching Chi Nei Tsang, Qi Qong, Tai Chi and Inner Alchemy.

He has taught internationally in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia.
When not traveling he resides in the UK.

Andrew is committed to helping people find their own unique destiny and is teaching WuJi Gong worldwide as a means to achieve this. In these very busy times you need something very simple and WuJi Gong only takes 15 mins to practice and is so powerful at calming the mind

He is also very involved in empowering a new masculinity beyond social stereotypes and has formed the White Tiger Company with a fellow teacher Viggo Johansen to help spread this important work worldwide.

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